AMS Brisbane Pty Ltd is a registered by the Australian government professional immigration company (MARN: 1278075), with a legitimate registered immigrant agent qualification. The company's business scope includes free consultation and application of various Australian courses, Australian students to study and transfer students, student visas, skilled immigrants, immigrants, family members of immigrants and work visa for China and Australia to provide "study, immigration, investment , Employment, "the one-stop service.

The company is headquartered in Australia's beautiful Brisbane City, and in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other places are equipped with branch cooperation agencies.


AMS Brisbane Pty Ltd is engaged in immigration business for many years a professionally licensed company, has a wealth of experience in various types of cases. The company's chief licensed immigration agent Qin Li, has many years of Australian immigration work experience, for all kinds of incurable diseases and immigration policy has a unique insight and awareness; company's chief consultant Wang Jing, has a wealth of experience, according to the customer's Conditions, tailored to apply for study abroad, choose professional and future immigration program.


AMS Brisbane Pty Ltd provides professional advice and help. Our business covers a wide range, and at home and abroad have a number of cooperation agencies, can do one-stop service.


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